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Fisticuffs 10ml Isobutyl Nitrite

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Fisticuffs 10ml Extra Strength Formula from Poppers Miami is a new premium label made by Clock Cleaners Premium Isobutyl Nitrite Solvent Cleaners. Fisti's own special concoction in a limited availability! Fisticuff's "A well to live fellow composed of only the purest blood line and pedigree ought not to suffer a miserable fate as before now such a fellow might observe a subpar standard being imposed upon our kind by the likes of the most dreadful imposters whom deal in such a treacherous nitrite. Our superior thought exerted in half the effort of men beneath whom know not such a quality Solvent Cleaner exist let alone how such a vile liquid of ill refute shall guarantee a day to arrive post haste in which we would surely expire! Fortunately, in part thanks to Clock Cleaners ᄅ proudly bring forth in very limited supply and modest portions the Fisticuffs 10ml Extra Strength Formula! Should the likes of such gentlemen and refined fellow possess inclination for all things pure care to ensure his fate to be spared from a certain late night mad dash journey be met in a most dreadful disposition familiar only to those infected by Typhoid and alike aliments who are bound to an ambulatory equipped inside of a motor car enroute to his local infirmary I say he be not a fool and partake in this offering grateful having done so. And to those whom elect a response which elicits concern for his purse I say such frugal regard hold him in contempt, And so him wealthless alike!


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